The Strategic Institute of Skilled Managers of Nigeria (SISMN),  Established by Act 1990, approved by Federal Ministry of Education and Certified by Federal Ministry of Justice, is the leading organization and professional body for business leaders; practicing Junior, Senior and Top managers and professional administrators; and aspiring business managers. Over 500,000 professional members are responsible for the management and administration of systems, people and processes. Their roles are vital in enabling organizations to maintain a competitive advantage.
By promoting the science behind these functions our work helps to facilitate a greater awareness and understanding of the planning, coordinating, directing and controlling activities required to ensure business and cost efficiencies.
For our members we encourage continuing professional development. We also provide an exclusive range of benefits and offers to ensure the true value of membership can be realized.

What is Skilled Management?
The Skilled Managers’ functions facilitate planning, coordinating, directing and controlling activities across all functional areas in organizations. As such, it can be seen as the nervous system of organizations, directing and coordinating all parts and ensuring that the whole body functions smoothly and efficiently.

Skilled Managers
are middle and senior managers, Top Executives and leaders who make certain that information flows and resources are employed efficiently across the whole organization. They ensure that all operations and systems run smoothly and in the most cost effective manner. Consequently, skilled managers have a key role in business organizations gaining and maintaining competitive advantage.


The office has changed swiftly and fundamentally in recent years, and with the functions and status of those responsible for its management.  At one time it existed to record decisions which had already been taken elsewhere in the organization.  Now, with the development of such techniques an organization and methods, systems analysis, operational research and the application of computers to office work, the office has become the chief source of information on which management decision are taken.  Since it alone can seek out and provide information on the scale, in the detail, and with the immediacy required by management today, the office has now become an integral part of management itself. Skilled manager, therefore means much more than the efficient running of an office: it means also the efficient running of an organization through the facilities, and the information, which the office provides.

In carrying out its function of promoting effective management in this widest sense, The Strategic Institute of Skilled Managers believes that the time is long past when the only qualifications required by managers were experience and length of service.  There is now a national need for the men and women who are professionally qualified in two ways – first, by working experience and regular meeting and discussion with those in the same field; and second, by following a programme of improvement study leading to Proficiency qualifications.

Regular meeting and discussion with those in the same field is offered by the Institute in the form of short proficiency courses, seminars, workshop,   and conferences on matters of topical interest to skilled managers.  Students my attend these, as well as the regular talks and discussions organized by districts and groups throughout the country.  They are also encouraged to take part in the districts activities generally.


Our vision:
Become the global leader in the fields of effective management and professional administration by being the institute of choice for business leaders, administrative managers, and professional administrators.

To become a strong, professional and well-respected institute both in Nigeria and internationally.


  • Raise the profile of managers and professional administration skills. Champion quality, good practice and professionalism.
  • Develop into a strong institute of professional members and fellows.
  • Be the organization of choice for: business leaders; practicing managers and professional administrators; and aspiring business managers.
  • To train with a view to enhancing skills in strategic administrative management and to issue trainees with Proficiency Certificates.
  • To encourage the advancement of practitioners of management by way of conferences.
  • To disseminate information, organizes and hold lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences, luncheons, dinners and in-service training and issue certificates of participations to attendee.
  • To conduct research in the area of management skills and to publish the outcome of such research.
  • To print, publish and distribute newsletters, bulletins, magazine journals, periodicals, etc, in management skills to the public
  • To participate in other management activities that may be necessary to accomplish the above objects.

What we do:

  • We raise the profile of the administrative and business management functions through our campaigning work.
  • We provide a range of member benefits which support our professional and student members with their careers and studies.
  • We offer a range of accredited Business and Administration qualifications which are highly regarded by employers, colleges and students
  • We work closely with organizations to understand and meet their administrative and business management needs.




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